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ofz in charlottes, north carolina today. >> and abc joins us live with more now. >> michelle obama will be taking center stage and campaign officials say she'll be a character witness for the president's decision making. >> she's considered the president's closer. and democrats hope tonight the first lady can deliver a winning sales pitch. mrs. obama is popular with a favoribility rating of nearly 70%. her husband, 50%. her prime time appearance provides an opportunity to reach out to the disappointed obama voters the one who's believe he hasn't fulfilled his promise of hope and change. >> the fact someone is likeable as michelle obama says barack obama is a good guy? that work autos it's a chance to appeal to women voters considered to be a key to victory in november. >> whatever i say here today, it's going to be at best a disstant second to the speech you will hear tonight from the star of the obama family, michelle obama. >> campaign aides say the first lady will speak about her husband's values and judgment and a personal way of doing it no politician or political advisor can.
death to america, death to israel. the leader of hamas called on the obama administration to apologize for the antimuslim film. today the white house asked you tube review innocence of muslims and to determine whether it violates terms of use. >> white house officials say investigators have no evidence the protests have been caused by anything except the film which the obama administration has called reprehensible and disgusting. >> there is condemnation towards that film and there is fear there may be retaliation here at home. >> there is a forum on how to stop bullying in schools is shedding light on harassment some muslim students go through. now there is fear violence in egypt and libya will bring more hatred ice common that when something happens, either in the united states or overseas, connected with muslim that's gets translated into a greater degree of harassment. >> and in concord, christians are denouncing the film which denegrates islam, putting the spotlight on this little-known egyptian community. >> there is a report of two bodies in an east bay motel appears to be a mur
obama. >> let's check traffic looking at the skyway here, step by step, inch by inch going left to right heading into the east bay. better for folks on the right of the screen. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues right after this. >>> microsoft co-founder bill gates remains the nation's richest man, hitting the top spot from the 19th year running. with a net worth of $66 billion. and warren buffet came in second, and larry ellison, third. and mark zuckerberg dropped from 14 down to 36. and his fortune cut nearly in half, now only worth $9.6 billion. >> i think he'll be okay. >> nobody has an i've yoin 5 but that has not stopped folks selling them already. apple selling the basic iphone for $395 but one model going for $9900 on ebay. and another has sold for $900. sales start on friday. some online buyers might live outside of the united states where they won't be sold until later. and there is a new addition to the mobile payment market. willow bay joins us with today's after the bell report, hi, willow. >> layery and cheryl, thank you. less than 48 hours before one of the hyped p
today. >> that is the site of the 13 acre vacation home. over the weekend romney kmaired president obama to a football coach with a record of 0 and 23 million a rever yens to the number of under employed american autos president obama fired back in ohio today, telling the crowd romney should be penalized for unnecessary roughness on the middle class saying he wants to increase taxes while giving multi millionaires like himself a tax break. >> the president will make his way to north carolina for the democratic national convention. >> abc 7 news will be there live this week for the democratic national convention in charlotte. you can get updates by following him on our facebook page. >> what do you want knee tell romney? i can't tell him to do that. can't do that to himself. >> last thursday the republican national convention, clint eastwood talk owed to an empty chair, many called the event clever political theater, others called it bizarre. the chairman of the republican national committee gave his opinion. >> i think it was great and here, at the end of the day, it was clint eastwood t
obama's reelection campaign next week at jay-z's nightclub in new york city. details on beyonce's facebook page as well as a raffle for free tickets and another movie star is welcoming a baby boy now on >> prince william and kate visited malaysia on the second stop of the nine day royal tour of aish yachl the heir to the british thrown and his wife visited a hospice and chatted with parents, drew on clay bricks and the duchess gave her first public speech outside of england. >> and more is head on abc 7 news at 4:00 thousands take a pledge to stop bullying in the bay area. the movie that is changing minds. >> and trouble for mitt romney on the campaign trail. his tribute for victims of the libyan attack. >> and coming up later finding nemo may become saving nemo there. is a group sounding an alarm about >>> a two day antibullying summit kicked off in san francisco. >> organizers say the goal to provide a safer environment in our schools. >> thousands have taken a pledge to stop bullying. and abc 7 is here now with more. >> you though the san francisco school district d
illegal assignment. the math teacher supposedly asked stud dwrobts sign a pledge they'd vote for obama for president. she's on leave from a community college while officials investigate the claim. one student says he signed out of fear he'd get a failing grade. >> and i pledged to vote for president obama and democrats in the party. i was like, woah, why sit necessary i sign this? she just told me because i passed it out. >> the college officials plan to interview all teacher's students. the school says it does not allow employees to solicit support for political candidates on school property. >> coming up, the mother who caused a national fire storm for this picture is back in the news. why she's on another magazine cover. >> and popcorn coming to you. and look out. this is coming at you, next. >> there is a great view. does it get nicer than this? my accu-weather forecast is coming up. >> and taking a look at traffic right now there is our camera, the traffic you can see there on the left side of the screen making a very slow approach to eastbound 80. really slow going this is tied u
of the $528 million loan the fremont based company received from the obama administration. and solyndra filed for protection last year. >> and the presidential contenders crisscrossed to and from key swing states on the trail today. today the president traveled to the vice president to new hampshire, job growth was a hot topic. and there is he know there's is more work to do. >> this is not good enough and we need to fill the hole left by this recession, faster and need to come out stronger than when we went in. >> republican presidential nominee campaigned in iowa this morning and spoke to college students in orange city about the current state of the economy and his vision for their future. >> i'm looking beyond bad news, i'm looking over the hill and seeing what is going to happen just down the road a bit. and what is going to happen as america comes roaring back. >> from iowa he flew to new hampshire for a political rally in nash with a, tonight. >> the weekend is upon us and let's get our first check of the weather and and temperatures came up today and we'll continue with that trend hea
the squeeze on president obama. the story behind this unusual bear hug. >> and iphone anticipation. a look at the hopes, dreams and rumors surrounding what is >>> on the eve of the 11th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. the federal government is adding more than 50 types of cancers for the list of covered illnesses for people exposed to toxins at the world trade center trade center site and and this is a very very big deal. there is a small number of firefighters. the federal government expected to announce the first responders will be covered for the cost of some cancer treatments. coverage they'd been denied until now. 11 years ago tomorrow, thousands of firefighters, police and emergency medical techs rushed to ground zero. some stayed for months, digging through rubble for remains of those who had been killed and over several years many argued toxins gave them cancer, while federal officials pushed back, arguing there was no proof between the air at ground zero and cancer. >> they knew the air wasn't safe notwithstanding what the epa was saying. >> and that is changing. based
president obama got another chance to jab mitt romney for comments. >> when you exfres an attitude half of country considers itself victims that somehow they want to be dependent on government, my thinking that maybe you haven't gotten around a lot. >> the president says he disagreed with the take many want or expect something from the government. >> we've gone through a challenging time and people want a hand up, not a hand out. >> there is a yesterday romee knee had a chance, but out of the gate, he was on defense. and leaked words still causing a campaign headache. romney says he hasn't written off half of american autos my campaign is about 100% of american asks i'm concerned about them. >> and he was going to get more specific about legal immigrants in the us use are you going to deport them or not? i'm not that clear. >> i have some friends apparently. >> and president obama also faced tough questions and admitted he broke his campaign promise and called it his biggest failure. >> there are two million more mariners end up paying a penalty, under the law americans must be insured
. >> president obama announced he's ordered increased security at u.s. embassies and other missions around the world in the wake of this tragedy. >> the attack on the consulate is hitting many people here in the bay area hard. >> and as mentioned ambassador stevens twont high school, and college here. >> my name is chris stevens and i'm the new u.s. ambassador owe to libya. >> chris stevens made this video to introduce himself in liba. waits a long way away from the 1978 graduate of piedmont high. he was working on building relationships between academics in the u.s. and libya. >> this was something unexpected. considering how well-liked the ambassador was in libya. how effective he's been. >> this professor says he was a lawyer, he chose public service and truly understood and loved the libyan people. >> you know arabic is not easy to learn and he mastered that. that is not something he had to do, but he did that. >> former secretary of state condoleezza rice saying his service in the middle east throughout his career was legendary. >> education and health care are just two of the areas w
by president obama. and certainly will be hard to top former president clinton's address last night in charlotte. >> i want to cut taxes for high income americans more than president bush did. they want to get rid of pesky regulations designed to prevent another crash. as another president once sai said... there they go again. >> and last night viewers chose to watch the testimonyic national convention over the nfl season opener. 25 million people watched according to neilson. under 24 million watching the giants and the cowboys play. >> secretary of state clint yonton is missing her first democratic convention in 40 years. she didn't miss her husband's speech. she watched a recorded version during her visit. the state department provided us this photo. clinton noted it's tradition for secretaries of state not to attend conventions. >> mark math use will have live reports from charlotte, north carolina coming up at 5:00 and at 6:00. and you can get instant updates from mark by following him on our facebook page. and a remind minder abc news will have live coverage of the final night
for a second term for president obama. officials say the speech will remind americans of a thriving economy during his administration how policies can bring back prosperity. some say it's risky. >> this danger is that a lot of people might wish bill clinton were president again. after all, things were better when he was president than they are today. >> the president arrived in charlotte ahead of his speech tomorrow night. there has been a major change in plans. officials move the speech from out doors indoors because of the threat of severe weather. there is mark matthews will join us live at 5:00. you can get instant updates by following him on our facebook page or on twitter. and abc network coverage here on a about. c 7. >> republican nominee mitt romney taking the day off but the secret service is now investigating whether hackers stole copies of his tax returns. the offices in tennessee receive aid letter and a flash drive allegedly containing unreleased tax records. the letter claims they were copied from computers. secret service agents now confiscated them. accounting firm said the
the good news bad news, for both presidential candidates. and president obama now holds the 50-44% lead over mitt romney. if you narrow it down to likely voters the lead stlimpks. both candidates marked the september 11th anniversary by pulling their campaign ads in battle ground states. in a speech in reno mitt romney kept campaign rhetoric out of his message. >> there is a time p place for that. but this day is not that. this is a day to express gratitude for men and women who fought, who are still fighting to protect us and our country. >> he flies to florida tonight for a series of fund-raisers. president and first lady attended events in the capitol, vice president biden attended a memorial service where a flund flight 93 crashed. biden caught extra attention when inviting a local firefighter to share a beer with him at the white house, and the vp told him i'm not bsing you, and he said the full profanity as he sometimes does. >> a former obama chief of staff rahm emmanuel is feeling the heat on day two of the education teachers strike. there is a statement calling for a settlement
. >> and there is >>> president obama warned the united nations time is running out for a peaceful solution to iran's nuclear ambitions. and mitt are many knee talked of his plans nearby at the clinton global initiative conference. >> mahmoud ahmadinejad says he doesn't take seriously threats of military action against his country. today, the president says the u.s. will do whatever is required to keep iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. president obama says there is time and space to resolve the issue of a nuclear-armed iran. >> make no mistake. a nuclear armed iran is not a challenge that can be contained. it would threaten elimination of israel security of gulf nations and stability of the global economy. >> the president warned koit trigger a nuclear arms race in the middle east. >> that is why a coalition of countries is holding the ire yawnin government account kthable and the united states will do what we must to keep iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> mitt romney continues to take aim at the statements and said the developments in the middle east are bumps in the road. bumps in the road? ther
. the plane had to land because of an electric fire and there is no one hurt. >> president obama will be returning to the bay area and tickets from october 8th concert and rally are on sale before $100 to $7500. >> a man jumped into the tiger exhibit is hospitalized in critical condition. the 25-year-old got into the enclosure yumping off a mono rail train. workers had to use a fire zwisher to get the tiger to back off. >> we're only hours from a fwlorus weekend. >> there is summer winding down, now, there are readings of 84 in santa rosa. 86 in concord and antioch. 80s in fremont. summer warmth on the last day of summer, there is a look at the forecast there is clear skies and mild conditions but there is fog developing at the coast after midnight into early morning. conditions mainly sunny skies. will be cooler in spots and temperatures from had 4 to 58. first day of fall arrives tomorrow morning so first first day of fall, sunny skies into afternoon. warm with highs at mid 60s to 90s inland. and there is the accu-weather forecast a little bit later. >> still ahead, a drop in c
, the president has a clear edge. abc 7 news took a call from the toss up column. ohio trending obama for weeks and one poll has him up 10 points. yesterday advisors seemed to suggest their own polling shows a tighter race. >> there is when i trust number autos no republican won the white house without ohio. soon, the campaign may have to decide if resources might be better spent in another battle ground state. >> an average survivor says he's fortunate to be alive but morning the loss of close friends. the 48-year-old survived a deadly after lampbl that killed eight people on one of the world's tallest mountains sunday morning at 22,000 feet in nepal. in his first interview, he says he was reading his bible when that struck. >> i was reading it just for the sake of reading it. so... things began to shake. and we thought it was the wind. >> two dozen climbers were sleeping and he is now on the way gak to the bay skpaer has planned to ski down the slopes of the mountain with other climber autos there are cruise mean cleening up damage done by a tornado. storm chasers took this video. and there i
want to consider public transportation. >>. >> and race for white house, both rez obama and mitt romney trying to get voters on their side. and what candidates are saying today. >> yesterday, ohio, today, virginia's turn. the president was in an area with a large military installation. >> it's time for a new patriotism. this is rooted in believe that growing our economy begins when w.a strong, thriving middle class. >> mitt romney reached out to veterans in the critical northern virginia suburb. >> we're going to make sure to restore our economy to put people back to work and are going to do those thing autos and right now the president has the edge including virginia. he's ahead by four points and yesterday, said he's not detered by number autos i'm impressed with the polls but poll goes up and down. >> and there is voters started heading to polls today, thursday, they can do the same. >> that is why the ad where he is speaking to the camera for two minutes looks like a closing argument. >> there will be debates if i can sit down with you in your living room here is what i'd say. >> wi
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17